Anselmo Gotti

Pieve di Cento (Ferrara) 2/11/1902 - Ferrara 1962
Anselmo Gotti con Ettore Soffritti - 1922
Anselmo Gotti and Ettore Soffritti, 1922.


His father Orsolo Gotti was his first teacher and, recognizing his natural ability, sent him to perfect himself under the already famous Ettore Soffritti. After a couple of years of apprenticeship, Anselmo decided to settle permanently in Ferrara, becoming Soffritti's official apprentice: during that period, several prestigious instruments arrived in Ettore Soffritti's workshop for restoration: Stradivari, Guarnieri, Maggini, Gasparo da Salò etc. He, therefore, had the opportunity to train in restoration and learn the secrets of violin making. In 1930-31 he was invited to Vienna to restore a famous collection of stringed instruments. Back in Ferrara, he opened his own workshop.

Anselmo Gotti in laboratorio
Laboratorio di Anselmo Gotti

He was humble and discreet, almost hesitant of getting paid for restorations and even new instruments. It can also be inferred from this receipt for the sale of a violin by instalments for 1,000 lire in 1934.

Anselmo Gotti - Ricevuta

It wasn't much, considering the fine luthiery of the instrument. These were also difficult times, of course. He became sought-after for the restoration of instruments of importance. Considering he was slow, he did not make many new instruments. It could be about 100 violins, ten violas, 15 cellos, six double basses and a beautiful quintet, inlaid with the Arlotti's coat of arms, his admirer and patron, here in a vintage photo (photo below) now in the U.S.A.

Anselmo Gotti - Quintetto

He finished the instruments left incomplete at the death of Ettore Soffritti and in the lower block he pencilled "Anselmo Gotti 1928". As evidence of the fame he received, in 1936 he was also given to finish those of the Bolognese luthier Armando Monterumici, after his death.
He often put his initials inside (photo below).

Anselmo Gotti - Firma

During the restorations, he always wrote his surname, first name, year inside the instruments, and under the keyboard, as his teacher did.

Anselmo Gotti - Firma

He was also a double bass player: we can see him in the Ferrara string orchestra in 1953 (photo below).

Anselmo Gotti and Ferrara Strings Orchestra in 1953
Anselmo Gotti and Ferrara Strings Orchestra

He also played the mandoloncello in the "Gino Neri" plectrum orchestra of Ferrara. His workshop was in Via Mentana 28b (photo below); then, from about 1950, he lived and had the workshop inside the Liceo Musicale "G. Frescobaldi" and here he gave lutherie lessons once a week.

Antonio Boscoli, Anselmo Gotti, Gaetano Pareschi e Giorgio Rizzi
Antonio Boscoli, Anselmo Gotti, Gaetano Pareschi and Giorgio Rizzi in front of Gotti's workshop at the Conservatory in 1955
Pareschi Gaetano, Antonio Boscoli, Anselmo Gotti e Emilio Rizzi
Gaetano Pareschi, Antonio Boscoli, Anselmo Gotti and Emilio Rizzi in front of Gotti's workshop at the Conservatory in 1955
Laboratorio di Via Mentana 28b


Anselmo Gotti Violin - Ferrara 1926
Anselmo Gotti Violin - Ferrara 1933
Anselmo Gotti Viola - Ferrara 1940
Anselmo Gotti Doublebass - Ferrara 1945
Anselmo Gotti Violin - Ferrara 1945
Anselmo Gotti Cello - Ferrara 1960
Anselmo Gotti Cello - Ferrara 1960